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The ACTRI CREST Program helps prepare physicians and scientists for a career in clinical research.

Drs. Jamieson, Kaufman, and Signer are on the teaching faculty of the Translational Regenerative Medicine Course in this Program. 

Translational Regenerative Medicine (Stem Cell): CRLE 237 – General Elective in CREST/MAS Program

Course Directors: Catriona Jamieson, M.D., Ph.D. & Sheldon Morris, M.D., M.P.H.

This course, focused on the practical application of the principles of translating Stem Cell based therapies that focuses on the early development and phase 1 studies required to translate these interventions from the bench to the bedside. This course will highlight the unique aspects of stem cell based therapies compared to drug development.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding to bench to bedside concept for Regenerative Medicine
  • Understand the scope of Regenerative Medicine (e.g. what are stem cell versus cellular based therapies)
  • Understanding the process of development of new stem cell based therapies
  • Determining the preclinical work needed to support first-in-human studies
  • Identify and describe the appropriate study design and methods
  • Select a study population and methods for their recruitment and selection of study subjects for a stem cell study
  • Describe methods of stem cell delivery and monitoring
  • Understand Human Subjects issues for Regenerative Medicine studies
  • Describe approval process for Regenerative Medicine products
  • Understand the purpose and structure of a targeted product profile


Molecular Cell Biology Track

Dr. Jamieson is on the program faculty of the Molecular Cell Biology Track in the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program. She directs the following core course, which is offered in the Winter quarter.

Cellular and Molecular Medicine: CMM 250 – Core Course in Stem Cell Biology, Medicine, and Ethics

Course Director: Karl Willert, Ph.D.

Lectures and discussions on the basic, translational, and clinical elements of stem cell biology.

Topics include:

  • identification, purification and properties of stem cells;
  • uses in animal models;
  • clinical application to systems and diseases;
  • ethical, economic and social issues.